1.   How to Set Up an Account with Alichem?

If this is the first time you place an order with us, you will need to set up an account with us. To do this, please email us at sales@alichem.com or call us (858-987-4788) to ask for a Alichem New Vendor Form.

2.      How to Order with Alichem?

Email: Please send your email orders to sales@alichem.com .

Fax: If you have a purchase order with your purchasing department, please fax it to us at 1-858-987-4799. You may use your own order form, or ask for an order form from Alichem Customer Service team by emailing us at sales@alichem.com .

Telephone: You may call us at 1- 800-467-2918, or 1-858-987-4788 to place your order.

Online: You may use our online order system to place your orders.

3.      How to pay to Alichem?

We accept check, money order, wire transfer, and credit cards.

• Check or money order: Please make it payable to Alichem Inc., and send it to our mailing address: 7925 Silverton Avenue, Suite 517, San Diego, California 92126

ACH or wire transfer: Please send your payment to the bank account on the invoice. When making such a payment please make sure that you send a remittance advice (list of invoice numbers) to the email address you receive invoices from. This is necessary. We will not be able to process any more of your orders if we are unable to apply your payment to open invoices due to lack of this information.

Credit card: We accept credit card orders, paying by Visa and Master cards. If you need a credit card form to place the order, please contact Alichem Customer Service team by emailing us at sales@alichem.com .

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